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Natasha Pettigrew ride September 20th

MLK Bike Lane installed

MLK Jr Ave_8-28-14 (5)

Soul Cycle should maybe hire Wash Cycle

I've mostly quit posting photos of cars parked in the bike lane, because it's not really news any more, but someone sent me this photo of a laundry vehicle in front of Soul Cycle that was stopping at Soul Cycle. It was parked in the cycletrack.


Maybe they should hire Wash Cycle Laundry. [Not affliated with this blog in any way]

Minnehaha Creek trolley bridge with deck removed

It may not look like it, but work could complete by November. At which point this will become a bike/ped bridge.


Last seen here.

Alexandria expands Capital Bikeshare

Despite the bankruptcy of the bikeshare provider, CaBi keeps expanding. Last week Alexandria added 8 stations in the Del Ray and Carlyle neighborhoods, doubling the size of the system within Alexandria. 

The new stations are located at:

  • Eisenhower Avenue & Mill Race Lane
  • Ballenger Avenue & Dulany Street
  • Duke Street & John Carlyle Street
  • Mount Vernon Avenue & East Nelson Avenue
  • Mount Vernon Avenue & East Del Ray Avenue
  • Mount Vernon Avenue & Kennedy Street
  • Monroe Avenue & Leslie Avenue
  • Potomac Greens Drive & Slater's Lane

New CaBi bike route signage in Montgomery County

I was in Bethesda much of the weekend for a wedding and I saw that the County has installed quite a few new wayfinding signs, most of which seem to be geared toward directing cyclists towards bikeshare stations. That's great. I also saw the new section of bike trail along Wisconsin Avenue by the NIH/Medical Center which looks like an improvement since the last time I was there.

Coincidentally, someone sent me a photo of one sign that was unfortunately installed facing the wrong direction. 


This is at the corner of Fenton and Thayer facing south, but from here, the Metro is to the right. Hopefully it will get fixed soon.

The bride at the wedding was on crutches because she'd been hit by a car while riding her bike home from work a couple of months ago. Had to get something like 13 pins in her leg, but she still managed to walk down the aisle and dance on her wedding day. 

Helmet study author says not to consider the raw numbers

Janessa Graves, the author of the bikeshare helmet study showing that the percentage of injuries that were head injuries for cyclists went up in bikeshare cities, responded to criticism of the study. That criticism focused on the fact that the study's raw data showed that total head injuries and total injuries both went down in bike share cities, even though the rate of head injuries went down less than other injuries.

The study’s lead researcher, Janessa Graves of Washington State University’s College of Nursing, said in an email that these numbers don’t tell the whole story, which is why the researchers focused on proportion.

“Evaluating crude numbers alone, without considering the underlying population or denominator (e.g. number of riders in each city), is not entirely appropriate, even when we assume ridership increased,” she writes. “We did not have those numbers for this study, so could not evaluate the NUMBER or RATE [emphasis hers] of injuries. That is why we looked at proportions and risk.”

Graves adds that because her team did not know whether ridership increased, decreased or stayed the same in cities with bike-shares, they were reluctant to extrapolate. The total number of injuries may have gone down, but what of the total biker population?

Some critics of the study, she states “assume that the number of cyclists increased in bike-share cities and likely stayed the same in non-bike-share cities, however, we do not know this for certain. That is why we could not look at this outcome.”

Rachel Dovey concludes that 

Shares would be wise to implement policies based on the higher proportion of brain injuries reported.

I'm not sure that is true, because looking at only the percentage without considering the denominator is just as bad (if not worse) as looking at the numerator without considering the denominator.

Shares should be interested in ways to improve safety. I'm just not sure what the most cost-effective way is to do that, and I don't think this study gives any direction on that. 

Turnover in the Bike DC world

There have been quite a few changes on the government side of bike policy in the DC area

First, Heather Deutsch, the District's Trails Program Coordinator, left DDOT back in May. I don't believe that position has been filled yet.

Then, it was just announced that Chris Eatough; Arlington County's Director of Capital Bikeshare, WalkArlington and BikeArlington programs, is leaving Arlington County at the end of the month to become Howard County's first Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator. Eatough already lives in Howard County, so he'll get to work in his own community, and his hiring definitely signals that Howard is serious about bike sharing. Arlington is trying to fill his position, but I believe applications were due on the 11th. 

Finally, Charlie Strunk, Fairfax County Bicycle Coordinator, is leaving at the end of the year, and the county is looking for a replacement for him. 

New bike lane being installed on MLK Avenue in Ward 8

MLK Bikelane

Near Sterling Ave. Photo by John. 

Help ID this hit-and-run cyclist

Lest we forget that cyclists can behave badly too.

Yesterday I was testing a Fly6 camera during the Bike Rack group ride. We were close to Military Rd on Beach Dr, when a random cyclist decided to cut in between the line, clipping the front wheel of the person behind me. A cyclist hit and run: he saw the accident, did not bother to stop. Perhaps you may see the rider of that silver/blue Pinarello in your rides

Rider appears at about :42

If you can ID this person, please contact the Bike Rack (202) 387-2453 so they can pass the info on to the injured.

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