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You're absolutely right about the Dulles Rail project. The plan is to have some bike parking facilities at the stations, but almost nothing else for bike/ped access. When this subject has been broached, the repeated response has been that WMATA will only build facilities on their property. As you can see in these photos that I took a while back at the Suitland Metro station, WMATA does a poor job of that. The sidewalks are all in the wrong places and goat trails are everywhere: http://www.restondigital.com/images/suitland_all.jpg

I plan to meet with the project engineers to discuss the plans for bike parking at the Tysons stations. Until now they have always said that it's too early in the process to see specific locations of the parking.

To let the project team know that you want better bike facilities in Tysons and Reston, call Marcia McAllister at 703.288.7100 and tell her. There have been rare opportunities for the public to comment, so it's necessary to contact the project staff directly.

Re: Wiehle Ave. station, there is an existing 8' asphalt trail adjacent to Wiehle Ave that leads from the W&OD Trail to the current park and ride lot which is the location of the future station. There are also bike lockers and inverted U racks available. Of course the bike lockers have never been used because Fairfax Co has never figured out how to rent them, but that's a subject for another discussion.

The trail from the W&OD to the station site crosses Sunset Hills Rd, and it is a dangerous crossing. Motorists consistently turn right on red without looking to the right for oncoming cyclists and I have almost been hit there many, many times. When we complained to the police, they spent a day issuing warnings to pedestrians for crossing outside the crosswalk or against the light, and the didn't issue a single ticket to a motorist.


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