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Another term to steal is "Tipping Point" from the book by Malcolm Gladwell. He describes how movements and products gain enough *ahem* "critical mass" to suddenly become popular. Trends appear from nowhere and suddenly are everywhere, as if they were contained in a cup that suddenly tipped and everything all of sudden comes pouring out.

I think we're on the verge of that tipping point now with bicycle commuting. We're not there, but I think we can get there with some concerted effort.

I'd be interested to see data (if they collected any) on how far these single drivers travel, and how many of them are headed for downtown.

Depending on how it turned out, it would be a very convincing way to support things like bike advocacy (reasonable distance) and expanding Metrorail's range and capacity (headed downtown). Not to mention urban planning initiatives encouraging people to live closer to their workplace.

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