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There are so many trails in Arlington it's hard to live far away from one....How near is "near"?

In the Post article, it is mentioned that items taken in one burglary included "laptops, an MP3 player, a mountain bike, jewelry and a TV" and in others "video games, stereo equipment, laptop computers and jewelry have been stolen." I can see running or riding down the trail with jewelry and small loot, but not computers and TVs and stereo equipment. [I know, the burglars must use a bike with a Burley trailer to make their getaway.]

Doesn't make sense to me, but then I'm not a detective.

I think they would prefer the BOB Yak or Ibex. Less rolling resistance and easier to squeeze through barriers during pursuits.

Of course the Burly would provide excellent cover as people would think there were kids in it, not my long-lost Nakamichi tape deck (sigh).

The Custis Trail and some sections of the W&OD parallel I-66. Makes me wonder why the article singled out bike trails. After all it's a whole lot easier to make a getaway with the loot on I-66 than on the W&OD.

It's funny that people argue that bike trails and transit bring crime, but you rarely hear people claim that roads (like the ICC) bring crime. I bet there are more car-based thieves(especially organized ones) then train, bike and bus based thieves all put together.

Also, they're clearly using some massive panniers and a basket on the front.

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