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One of my pet peeves is MNCPPC periodically drives their trucks down the MUTs, even when they are covered in snow. Why? Are they checking for trail conditions? After a snow, they suck. Send one of the pickups with a snow blade for one pass and make a world of difference. Even with the recent warming there are still areas on the Paint Branch Trail that have pack ice, most notably just north of the University Blvd underpass. I don't expect that glacier to melt until at least the weekend if then given its shaded position.

Agree completely, although I think some jurisdictions have learned a little.

Following the big ice/snow storm ~10 days ago, the Rock Creek Parkway MUT remained closed for several days.

After Sunday's surprising storm, however, the trail was plowed by the next afternoon. Maybe even earlier, but I only rode in the p.m.

Federal oversight of the park may contribute to the improved response. Hard to imagine the DC gov clearing anything but Conn. and Wis. Aves.

Of course, any experience gained will likely be lost by next winter.

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