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Went to Silver Spring. There was no free dunkin donuts, starbucks, or Whole foods giveaways. Just bananas, dasani, and not-so-great bagels without cream cheese or other toppings. Not really worth stopping there on my ride to work.

Went to Alexandria (Old Town). Apples, bananas, water, coffee, energy bars, bagels, samosas (!). We got BTWD water bottles with our t-shirts, which haven't been mentioned - a typo slipped through, though: the bottles all had the date listed as May 19, 2007.

I totaled my bike last week, so I had to borrow a bike-the-sites bike from Rosslyn. They made it very easy, and you can't beat free! I hope we see a report somewhere on how many bikes they loaned out.

Flexcar was offering free memberships, and the Zipcar rep said the City of Alexandria would reimburse any residents that signed up. Kudos to the government official that agreed to that one, and kudos to Flexcar for doing it themselves.

The crowd was pretty diverse, about half and half male-female and mixed racially as well. The average age was older than I expected, but of course I'm biased since I was probably the youngest at 23.

good seeing you this morning


thanks for giving credit where credit is due

have a great weekend!

I stopped briefly in College Park. Small number of people while I was there, but the "convoy" heading for Freedom Plaza had already left. Food was not outstanding - similar to Silver Spring. One of the tables (I did not notice the sponsor) had a cool aerial photo depicting the planned route of the trail connecting West Hyattsville with Fort Totten, and another showing potential routes for northern extension of the Paint Branch trail through the BARC property, connecting with an existing trail along the same corridor further north.

I did the rounds - rode out from DC to Vienna, and met up with some folks out there. We went into Rosslyn and listened to some music, before heading to Freedom Plaza, where I spoke with the beardless Gwadzilla snapping pix.

Hello from Flexcar! I hit both Silver Spring and Freedom Plaza stops and was *immensely* impressed by all of you. (So much so that I biked in to work today!) So, if any of you who biked in on Friday didn't get a chance to sign up for Flexcar FREE, drop me a line and I'll make it happen for you. Meighan(dot)Mahaffey(at)Flexcar.com

I worked the Hyattsville Pit Stop. Bananas, bagels, bottled water, assorted teas and juices and Starbucks. A number of people ran into the iced coffee the hard way, the weather was a bit cool for that product that morning. I chewed the ear off a reporter for half an hour or so. I think we had around 30 or so people come through that morning. Someone said that was the best for a first year PG county stop.

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