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Time to move to Europe, as it's clearly a more civilized place to live than in the USA...

Seen Cindy Sheehan's comments today? Theyre relevant here... Poor woman. She's confused, uneducated, and undertheorized. But she's a nice indicator of a present system that doesnt work: the USA is a plutocracy, pure and simple.

Bikes dont figure in a plutocracy...

Makes me miss my home in Boulder. I can remember seeing people commuting in the midst of a 3' dump of snow a few years ago on their 'cross bikes.

is that other guys name really tom paine??

is he, like paine, an anarchist fellow travelar? (or at least a proto anarchist fellow travelar! ha ha...)

I don't know, Tom Paine's (the pamphleteer) remains were lost and so no one knows where his body is. Maybe he never died.

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