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I wonder how many auto thefts go down in DC and what the recovery rate is for this category of theft?The bike problem just shows that DC police- most of whom DO NOT LIVE IN DC need to be aware of problems that are SPECIFIC to cities and not just take care of problems that they see in PG or Charles county [ that is, car-centric issues they are more familiar with]- where most of them seem to live.If DC offered incentives or required DC police to LIVE IN DC maybe some of the crimes would go down. It sure happened at Potomac Gardens public housing projects ...when the city subsidized police to move in there- suddenly the crime went way down.....

Well written assessment of a poorly written “news” article. The Post article failed to mention that many bikes are stolen and then sold for parts in these same channels. Perhaps someone should also point out that bike thieves are probably supporting a drug habit, not a family. It must be embarrassing to be a police officer in the inept DC police department and appear this helpless against cowardly thieves.

I find it difficult to see why the police can’t grasp that if they would follow the trail of the bike thieves, then they would find “real” crimes? So, even if they don’t give a (fill in your favorite expletive) about our stolen bikes, why don’t they want to take action about all the other associated crimes?

My bottom line is that bike thieves are tantamount to horse thieves and simply can not be tolerated. I call for ZERO TOLERANCE of thieves as a step in fixing some of the “broken windows” in the Nation’s capital. It is too bad citizens cannot depend on their government to take care of this issue and must resort to vigilante means.

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