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I think alot of people ride the wrong way because their kindergarten teachers told them to ride this way.

Maryland State Troopers are wrong in their assessment of what happened. Shirley was coming out of St. Leonard Shores where she lives and in crossing over to get on the correct side of the street is when she was hit by Brady. Shirley was a very adept bicycle rider. She purchased that particular bicycle when she was pregnant with her 1st daughter whom is now 25. Maryland State Troopers are frabricating the story of how Shirley was hit to protect this young Brady woman. Shirley was hit by the car that I say was speeding for one. The extent of Shirley's injuries would prove that.After being ejected off her bicycle some 20-30 feet, she suffered 2 fractured vertebrae in her neck, a collapsed lung, a fractured pelvis, a bruise on her brain, both femurs fractured with the left one breaking through the skin, 2 fractures in her right tibia, a fractured wrist and fractured ankle. Shirley was on the west side of street when she was hit and this part of Parran Rd. was not a blind curve.

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