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Good Luck Rd intersects with Greenbelt Rd near Goddard. Doesn't that mean they are already connected?

The two roads do of course diverge, and as you point out one can ride through Greenbelt Park. There is also a pretty good trail/bike lane route on Hanover Parkway, connecting these two roads.

I don't think the bike trail on Hanover makes it all the way to Greenbelt Road. It seems to end around Schrom Hills Park.

The National Park is partly car-free, but halfway through and you're sharing roads with cars. I assume he wants to see a bike lane/path, not shared use. (Plus that's a dang big hill to get up to Good Luck).

As a Greenbelter myself, I'd prefer getting the existing bike paths to actually be wide enough to actually accommodate bikes and a bike lane on 193 across the railroad tracks into College Park.

You are right - the official trail does end, northbound, at Schrom Hills Park. The rest of the way it's fairly safe/easy biking though, with multiple lanes and a fairly wide shoulder.

I live in Greenbelt too, and I would love to see a better route along 193.

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