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I really wish metro had an alternative to forcing cyclists onto the elevators. The last two times I took my bicycle on metro I encountered the following:

1) Waiting for a long line of veterans in wheelchairs with luggage coming in from the airport (multiple trips). Basically, they probably thought I was a total jerk for taking the elevator at all.

2) Waiting for a long line of very obese people at East Falls Church (also multiple trips). Oh, and one of them had gas.

The worst are people who have no reason to ride other than that they want to. Now I know some people may have medical issues that are not apparent to the uninformed, but it can't be that many. You'll see them ride one elevator, but not the other.

I know at the Takoma metro, the elevator lets folks out much closer to the parking lot than the escalators do, and many of the people that park and ride crowd it up.

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