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Of course, the issue in the metro area is that often times the bike lane is sandwiched between a traffic lane and a parking "lane".

City/county officials are not likely to plow snow out of the bike lane and into the parking lane, which would irk all the SUV drivers who feel compelled to get out and drive in the snow just to justify having a 4WD vehicle, and "because they can". Hell, in parts of Arlington, they plow the snow off the streets and pile it up in front of the wheelchair curbcuts near streeet crossings, where it sits for days before melting (I once saw a man in a wheelchair who was stranded on a corner until he and a friend, after repeated attempts, finally broke through the snow wall piled up at the ramp--appalling). Anything to get it out of the way of the almighty automobile.

Taking the lane under those conditions is indeed the best option.

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