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This has happened to cyclists on Skyline Drive too.

Time for the Bear Patrol... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Much_Apu_About_Nothing

Was the bear moon-walking? They always seem to sneak up on me.

That's why I avoid cutting through the zoo in Rock Creek.

This isn't so funny as you think:


Don't know if this has ever happened to cyclists, but a number of runners and hikers have been threatened or attacked, and in at least one case killed, by cougars (AKA pumas, mountain lions, panthers). The situation is well-documented in a fascinating book called "Beast in the Garden". (http://www.beastinthegarden.com/) Actually the young man who was killed by a cougar was a bike racer, but he happened to be running when he was attacked.

There was a pretty famous attack of a mountain lion on one (possibly two) cyclists in California in 2004. Whether the lion killed the first cyclists is a matter of debate but he definitely attacked the second one. Very rare though.


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