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I wonder if wolf trap can continue using metro if they request that buses have bike racks in their RFP. I don't know of any charter service that has bike racks on buses.

Tho I no longer live in the area, I grew up in Shouse Village. The route you show was basically my lifeline to the W&OD since I was 12. It is an easy enough ride, although Clarks Crossing is a very long hill.

One thing to be concerned about... Beulah Road between Old Courthouse & Clarks Crossing is a shoulderless narrow 2 lane road that is not well lit. While it is a short distance, make sure you have bright lights & reflectors if you are going to an evening concert.

Also, traffic will be very heavy on the shoulderless Trap Road as well.

Living there for a long time, I can say with certainty that there is no better route to the W&OD.

That route is also on the new Fairfax Co Bike Map, front side:


I use it on a regular basis although I usually turn right at Gelding Ln then L on Bois, L on Montmorency to the trail that leads into Tysons behind the Sheraton.

A while back I attended a meeting at the new Wolf Trap offices next to the Barns and I saw no bike parking at the Barns or the offices.

It is ok to use the W&OD after dark? I was always under the impression that the trail was off-limits after dusk.


While technically it is against park rules to ride the W&OD Trail after dark, many commuting cyclists depend on the trail and use it throughout the winter, often after dark. Enforcement is selective. I've been stopped once. A Vienna police car pulled onto the trail at Park St and startled me. I yelled then realized it was a cop. I was asked for ID, then told not to ride on the Trail in Vienna. I now mostly ride on-road through Vienna at night.

Because of the park policy, it's all that more important that on-road routes be provided for cyclists. If I can't use the Trail to ride from Vienna to Reston after dark, then I'm going to be on some very bike-unfriendly roads.

I have the same issue on the NE Branch trail - it also closes at dusk. But I've never been stopped so I still ride it (Wow, I break the law more often than I thought).

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