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I've had a feeling from the start that Wilson Bridge bike path would never come to pass. There will be another delay Spring '09, then a year or two later, they'll announce some security concern or another will keep it from ever opening.

As for this, "A new trail from Route 1, south of the Beltway to the Washington Street deck, will improve access for walkers and cyclists." I bike over that deck almost every day. I've seen the boarded-up trail, but I don't understand: Who's it for? The trail runs parallel to the freeway entrance ramp, from the Washington St. deck to a office building parking lot on Rt. 1, about 1/2 mile away.

The office parking lot isn't near any kind of bike path, nor are the streets in the vicinity particulary bike-friendly. Are thy maybe adding dedicated bike lines on Rt. 1? If not, where are you supposed to go once you get to the end of this glorious half-mail trail?

My wife and I were in San Francisco in January. They have very active tour companies that will rent you a bike in SF, you ride it across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito, then take the ferry back. We did it on a weekday and there were literally 50 bikes on the ferry, just leaning against each other (yes, it's a big boat). It would be great to have a program like that here. Rent a bike in old town, ride it to national harbor, and ferry back. It's not a huge distance, but it will work for tourists.

There used to just be a fence preventing access to the bike trail across the Wilson Bridge and I must admit that I scooted around that many times. Granted there was no where to go on the other side, but it was still cool to go over the new Wilson Bridge. Apparently, I was not the only person doing that because now they have a solid barrier which is impossible to get around.

As for MVM's comment, upgrading the Route 1 cooridor is a major investment project for Fairfax County. In the past, there was no way for pedestrians to get from any of the neighborhoods in that area to the Potomac River (e.g. Belle Haven Park) without crossing the beltway, going through Old Town, then re-crossing the beltway via the Washington overpass. For those of us in the neighborhood, the path is absolutely great (and didn't cost much to include in the WWB project).


Perhaps more imporantly, when the brand-new bike/pedrestrian only flyover is completed from the intersection of Huntington and Telegraph to Eisenhower, the 1/2 mile trail you speak of will permit those crossing the Wilson Bridge to ride up Huntington, then over the new flyover, then onto Eisenhower and the trails in that area of Alexandria (e.g. Holmes Run, etc.). Because of the placement of the Alexandria National Cemetery, there is no way to go east/west without going all the way up to Duke Street. The 1/2 mile trail you mention creates a direct path.

JCakes: Thanks, that's great to read. The new path makes sense if it's part of a larger network -- just didn't seem to be serving any purpose in its current configuration. (It looked to me like a DOT "Sure, we'll build a bike lane too" throw-in, rather than part of a larger strategy.) Since you seem to be in the know, any word on when these other legs are slated to be available?

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