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These are all worthy (or at least harmless) measures, but DC must better educate bicyclists not to pass vehicles on the right, especially trucks and buses near intersections, driveways, and alleys. Unfortunately, DDOT's bike lane striping program may be doing more to worsen than alleviate these real bicycling dangers.

I wish in point 3 WABA had said "allow" rather than "give." They ain't givin' us nothin'!

To Allen's point, everything I have ever seen from DDOT shows that they feel the goal of facilities is to keep cyclists out of the travel lane. Their design guide is permeated with that thinking, and they have painted some monumentally stupid bike lanes in this city. Passing on the right is the logical conclusion of that philosophy.

oh man!

I had been misinformed some where in time that three feet was the law

I filled out the WABA form and sent it in. I got a response from Mary Cheh that she is supporting the bill. Also this somewhat cryptic note from Jack Evans:
"Thank you very much for taking the time to share your thoughts on this issue. Please contact my colleagues if you haven't done so already."

I'm not sure if that means he's on our side and wants to spread the word -- or if it means leave me alone, go ask someone else. I don't really see this as a Jack Evans issue.

Re: Allen's comment - maybe it's time to rethink bike lanes altogether and instead educate the public about bicyclists' right to the road.

Agree 100% with freewheel. To be honest, it's a reason why, although I'm a member, I've become increasingly uneasy with WABA's approach.

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