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House Bill 25 is misguided. I have a 250cc Vespa GTS which can easily keep up with traffic, even 80mph traffic on the Beltway. Larger model scooters have become popular in recent years, and the lines between scooters and motorcycles have blurred. Instead of covering all scooters in this bill, they should use a term like "2-wheel motor vehicles with engine displacements of 100cc or less" or something like that.

Senate Bill 98--Agreed, drop "motor" from the text. Of course it would require adding bicycles to the definition of vehicles.

Senate Bill 250--Not needed, if the sensor fails to detect a vehicle then it is defective. Defective signals are already treated as stop signs in the law.

HB 25--Another useless statute that later could be turned against bicyclists. Hopefully it dies a gruesome death in committee.

HB 187--Classic nanny state legislation. Helmet crash stats are highly debatable. Again, death in committee is almost too good a fate for this one.

Heard anything about the rumors of a 3ft passing law? That one I could possibly support. It won't do much good before the fact but contact in a crash is clear evidence of its violation and could help get significant convictions on vehicular assault/manslaughter charges.

I haven't heard anything about the 3 foot passing distance in Maryland. Anyone else?

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