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This may sound callous, but trees can grow back. As a young teen, my brother and I grew maple trees from seedlings thrown off from nearby trees. These trees, 35 years later, are very very very tall...

Without looking at the total environment impact, focusing on individual pieces of environmentalism (i.e., trees vs. transit vs. reduced car trips vs. increased or decreased bicyling and walking trips vs. economic impacts) the analysis should be considered wanting and reflective of overly parochial interests.

Yeah, if they're truly concerned about the environmental impact of cutting down the trees, and not just how it looks, can't they plant the same amount of trees out in Western MoCo or something? Problem solved.

Not only can they, but they probably will have to. I'm unclear on what the environmental mitigation requirements for this project will be, but the Wilson Bridge, for example, built wetlands, artificial reefs and a bike trail (and more). Of the six strategies recognized by MWCOG one is "Compensating for environmental impacts by providing suitable, replacement or substitute environmental resources of equivalent or greater value, on or off-site."

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