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It's interesting that the police seem determined to treat this as a pedestrian accident even though she was clearly on her bike at the time and not a pedestrian.

In general, pedestrians have less right to use the road than cyclists. Police officers have been known to trick unwary cyclists by charging them with pedestrian violations, such as failure to use a crosswalk.

My heart goes out to her family, what an unimaginable tragedy.

If the girl was westbound crossing the northbound lanes, then the engineering of the intersection indicates she was trying to turn left (note that the median only allows left turns from the cross street onto the through street; the next cross street north only allows left turns from the through street onto the cross street). If there's any fault at all, it's "failure to yield" by the cyclist.

Of course, I've been waved out by a driver whose SUV blocked my view around him; fortunately the Buick ate my Honda, not my Schwinn (and me). SUV driver took off with his green, though, depriving me of his testimony. I wonder if the stopped vehicle this girl crossed in front of had waved her out.

Here's another where they (the CHP) mention that the cyclist was not in a marked crosswalk. See how many other errors you can find in the report.


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