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I was just on that bridge Friday and pondering how to improve that trail. My initial conclusion would be to widen the bridge...not to add lanes, but to add a shoulder and a wider bike path.

Forgot to mention...I wouldn't exactly call it a "bike lane to nowhere", as it directly connects the Mount Vernon Trail to that circle (forget the name) at Virginia and New Hampshire near the Watergate, which fit in perfectly for my parking off GW Pkwy near the T.R. Island and biking in to what I needed to do.

Froggie, you're thinking of the upstream side.

There's a lane on the downstream side and that drops you off in a grassy median between Route 50 and the GW Parkway, with no real way to get anywhere.

That sign always made me chuckle.

Not nearly as bad, but why does the signage around the Pentagon have to be so bad? I was there after a long absence Saturday, and after passing the bike trail sign at the bottom of Columbia Pike, I go under Washington Blvd, and nothing... They have actually removed the asphalt path you could take to go along 27 but you can ride through the dirt to get there.

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