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Same old song. Drivers do all these things too (most of us are drivers and have seen this from the driver's seat as well as from the saddle).

And yet, there are still laws passed on behalf of drivers. What a crazy argument.

That's a nice bit...

"Why would anyone possibly want to pass a law on behalf of those people?
Because it's the right thing to do."

I definitely agree that it's the right thing to do. I also think that this story highlights the fact that cyclist (mis)behavior can have consequences (political, in this instance).

Until _those people_ in cars start obeying speed limits, traffic lights, stops signs, lane markings and STOP KILLING AND INJURING THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE EVERY YEAR WITH THEIR VEHICLES, I don't think we should pass any special laws on their behalf. In fact, I think we should ban motor vehicles from public roadways until we can find a way to make cars idiot-proof.

Too bad we can't ask the legislators to ride bike on the road whilst having their arm "gingerly brushed" by an SUV side mirror. That would change their minds pretty quick.

Hell, if they could see a cyclist-cam video of a car passing too close, that might be enough.

why would anyone want to spend millions in tax money for bike trails for a few

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