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I enjoyed the NYTimes Complaint Box article about bike lanes. Not because I agreed with it, but because it was refreshing in it's intellectual honesty. His thesis was that bike lanes depend on a level of civility that doesn't exist in the real world. In short, bike lanes are a bad idea because motorists are such scofflaws. You might not like his conclusion but at least you respect how he got there.

One of the things I find tiresome is that most anti-bike screeds are just so devoid of fact or logic. I believe that it is possible to make a reasoned argument for limiting the rights of cyclists in certain situations, but you never see it happen in print. Rather you get stuff like the blather that was in USA Today this week, where the columnist couldn't even be bothered to find anecdotes that support his thesis or advance any argument beyond the level of name-calling.

painted cheapo bike lanes that force cyclists to "share the road" with cars are DANGEROUS.

Dedicated and physically separated bikeways that are protected from traffic are the wave of the future.

nyc's bike lanes are too good for its people. yeah, i went there. they don't deserve them and nobody bikes, contrary to what the bikesnob would have you believe. bunch of spoiled brats. Let's get Sadik-khan to DC to do some real work!

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