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I rode the new bike lane last night, and the "closer to the curb" yellow posts were so numerous that I believe they will negatively affect bicycle traffic flow. The lane is wide enough to ride 2 abreast for passing purposes, however he end posts are placed at every driveway, alley and intersection, which can mean several of them per block. They affectively shrink the lane width which will make passing more challenging during busy commutes.

I'd like to see a different solution to deter parked cars in the lane. Putting those end posts in the center of the lane might work better, but that doesn't seem like a great solution either.

Ah, is that what those closer placed posts are for? I had to remember not to run into them as I was riding. I'm curious if there's going to be any type of street cleaning for the bike lane. The trees next to the lane have covered it with leaves and acorns and it's a bit of a hazard.

Other than that, though, the new lane is awesome and totally becoming part of my new route to work.

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