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Klein sounds like a wonderful improvement at DDOT. Portland, Seattle and NYC are pretty solid models for DC to be looking at.

Lon Anderson is always WaPo's go-to guy for the "pro-car" POV. Cyclists who are AAA members should contact AAA and tell them to stop opposing bike lanes!

Saw the article this morning and tipped it to GGW.

So far, I'm not a fan of the new DDOT web design...

Lon Anderson's knee jerk responses show his own sense of entitlement that is so ingrained that he does not even recognize it.

Froggie, I too think the "under construction" page looks amateurish. And I hadn't tried to open a .pdf. I found that frustrating before, so if it is worse that is not good.

I got a tweet from DDOT that they were planning on having the projects application online "soon - maybe tomorrow". That was also yesterday when they sent that tweet. And checking just now, it isn't up yet.

The PDF issue is definitely worse than before. At least before, we could bypass it by manually tweaking the URL to go directly to the PDF. Not anymore.

funny. I went to a meeting at DDOT about revising their website back in something like September 2006 (although it could have been 2005).

The posting doesn't have a link to the article so here it is. Post article is here:


The projects part of the website is now up in a "beta" version. Took a quick look through...projects are organized by ward, though there are additional categories for Stimulus projects, "City-wide" projects (none at the moment), and projects related to the Anacostia Waterfront Initiative (in particular the 11th Street Bridge). There's a lot of clicking involved, but each project page includes documents and a fairly detailed "dashboard" summary...not unlike what VDOT implemented for its Dashboard several years ago.

Oh. I missed the AWI section. Nice call. There are two bike projects in there, both dealing with the ART. The bridges over the RR tracks (18% done with a March 2011 completion date) and Design of the Kenilworth section of the ART (17% done with a Oct 2012 completion date).

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