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I'm glad that WashCycle reads the Examiner so the rest of us don't have to.

The plastic baggies are useful for cleaning up after the dog.

Smart investments should be ones that save money in the long run. For example, you insulate your house now to save money in the future, or you trade in your gas guzzler.

Bike infrastructure is the same. Getting more people on bikes saves money not only for individuals, but for communities. Less $ spent on roads, traffic, most immediately.

Bicycle infrastructure is considered transportation enhancements and doesn't like 10% of federal DOT spending have to go towards enhancement projects. Does the same notion apply to TIGER as well.

Well, TE is only 10% of Surface Transportation Program money, which is one part of a state's flexible transportation funding, though I'm not sure how much. So it's 10% of a part of a part. But to answer your question there is no set-aside in TIGER grants. DOT has a lot more control over the money and a lot more freedom (as opposed to the states/Congress). You can read the criteria they used here on page 4.


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