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Does this mean that the bikeshare expansion is suspended indefinitely until another federal pot becomes available (Rd. 2 TIGER)or is there still intent to expand it w/ local funding?

Bikeshare will still expand. And that should start this summer, last I heard, though with every DDOT employee working 12 hour shifts on snow removal for weeks, I'd expect the date to slip a little. In a sense there were three expansions 1) DC's expansion, paid for with CMAQ stimulus money 2) Arlington's program - which isn't really an expansion - paid for with some other money who's source I am unclear on 3) the COG expansion that includes DC, A&A, College Park etc... paid for with TIGER money.

So is the third expansion now (possibly) not happening, given the results of the grant? Is SmartBike really adding 100 stations or was that a typo?

Right, third expansion not happening unless the area gets a TIGER grant in the next round. It's either adding 100 (so 110 total) or going to 100.

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