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Not a good week for Fairfax cyclists.

Makes me doubly glad I live in Alexandria!

There's nothing worth saving in Fairfax. Let them have their cars, their mega churches, their traffic and corporate malls, their FIOS TV and their idiotic, cookie cutter schools, housing developments and people.

Why should bike advocates care? I would SUPPORT getting rid of bike spending in Fairfax.

You want to live in a progressive place? Dont live in Fairfax.

Why does the USA have to be the same everywhere?...

And that attitude, "satan", is exactly why Fairfax won't improve...because it never will if everyone has such a defeatist attitude as you showed here...

I've lived in Fairfax county for 15 years and I was unaware of any bicycle program.

What did they do?

Already sent my letters!

Man, that's a lot of letters this week ;).


What planet do you live on?



Tom comments after me "what have they done"?

Im quite the optimist -- GIVEN SOME reasons for optimism. THERE IS LITTLE REASON FOR OPTIMISM IN Fairfax.

And, lastly, want arrogance you have (typical of social change advocates) -- who are you to tell Fairfax they need improving according to YOUR metric?...their getting rid of the bike ped guy IS a sign of their improvement, at least according to them...

Actually FABB, both their presence and their hard work, is reason for optimism. That there is a bike coordinator to get rid of - when not so long ago there wasn't - is reason for optimism. That most of the County Council rolls there eyes when one member says that bikes are not transportation is reason for optimism. That Tysons Corner will be more bikeable, if the plans are adopted, and the bridges over the Beltway will have more space for cyclists - an odd case of cyclists benefiting from the HOV lanes - is reason for optimism.

On your last point, moral relativism is a recipe for doing nothing, in my opinion. Wanting anything done, or not, by the government involves enforcing your metric of improvement. If it's arrogant to say "I think we should be going this way instead of that" well then I suspect we're all arrogant.

DC dropped its bike program at some point, maybe under Barry, during the financial exigency period. It's never a good idea.

The FABB should make the suburban comparisons, especially to Montgomery County in this region, to help demonstrate why the program should be continued.

Montgomery County looks pretty good by comparison.

We rebuke you Satan in the name of the Almighty bicycle gods!!!

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