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Your link's popup window removes the scroll bar on the WABA page and you can read the rest of the page. Can you change the link to open in a new window vs. a popup?

It is set up for a new window. It works for me.

So it says, "Meet up with your neighbors at one of 35 regional pit stops, ride into the city with experienced commuter convoys and meet your fellow cyclists at Freedom Plaza." Is it worth swinging by if I'm biking to my not-into-the-city job?

popup is not full window with scroll bars so can't register

Site worked for me without incident (Windows XP w/ I.E. 7).

I think I'll ride with the kids to school and then join the festivities at Market Square in Alexandria.

It seems to me that this event becomes more professional every year! Great job by the organizers!

Signed up!

It's true there are no scrollbars. You should be able to make it work anyway, but try this instead.


Definitely can not scroll the pop up, with Safari 4.0.4

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