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It's interesting to look at this in the context of Kornheiser making fun of guys wearing cycling kits. Don't know if the boneheads who did this criminal act heard Kornheiser, but it does remind that words can have serious consequences.

Terrible. Must have been really fun for those bastards to watch these poor fellows slide out and get hurt. Let's hope they'll actually find them even though the chances might be slim.

That reminds me... Wasn't there a guy a couple of years ago who was caught spilling oil on the road before an exit ramp with a curve? That oil slick also caused several accidents IIRC. They finally caught him but that is all I recall of that story.

Those idiots won't learn anything until they get caught and sent to prison. Yes, they should get prison time for something like this, intentionally causing serious physical injury to many people.

If the perpetrators are in school, maybe a student, counselor or teacher will overhear someone boasting about the act. If it's someone or a group of people in their 20s, it might be more difficult to catch them. Pretty sad for someone in his 20s to spend their time on stuff like this. Well, pretty sad for anyone of any age to be engaging in this nonsense. And viciousness.

While they try to find the criminals, the organizers may want to have a staff member drive the course in a car, before the cyclists head out, in future races. Unfortunate that this would have to be necessary but you have to protect the cyclists.

This type of thing, along with bicycle theft and stringing wires across trails, should be a capital crime.

Michael H., your point about checking the course in advance is well-taken, but know that this was one of the last fields of the day on the video and there were a number of races held without incident. Crashes are pretty routine, especially in crits, but having a crash as a result of sabotage isn't so routine for sure!

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