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While I'm generally pro-helmet, it's true that pedicabs rarely go faster than a brisk walk, or at the most a brisk jog, so a helmet would be rather pointless at such slow speeds. Joggers don't wear helmets, after all, despite sometimes being on the roads.

Helmets are designed to protect against low-speed falls, not collisions, so I wouldn't say that slow speed itself is a a reason not to wear a helmet. However, falling from a rickshaw is unlikely, which is a reason not to wear a helmet.

As a former pedicab driver, the reason that helmets are basically unneeded is as contrarian says: helmets are designed against falls, not collisions. A pedicab by itself weighs quite a bit, and is a tricycle with a wide wheelbase - even if you pushed hard against the side, you wouldn't tip it over. If I leaned all the way off my seat, it wouldn't tip - it is even less likely to tip with passengers stabilizing the back wheel base. So basically, if you are in a pedicab your only risk is being rear ended by someone whose eyesight is so bad they can only see SUVs and buses.

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