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Also watch how the prosecutors handle it.

See if there is any additional evidence from surveillance video (from the LAPD, or from nearby buildings). Unfortunately, such evidence often goes "missing" (see PG County/UMD student case from a few months ago)

Different place, same story (It seemed almost a replay of the NYC event). Put some guys in a uniform and there is no telling what they'll do. It's amazing the American public is putting up with it as much as it has.

At 00:24, the kicked cyclist was riding on the sidewalk, and appears to have been still riding on the sidewalk when the cop kicked his rear wheel.

Unprofessional perhaps, but not completely inexplicable.

>Unprofessional perhaps, but not completely inexplicable.

Huh? Explicate for us.

@Eric W
I see another cyclist riding on the sidewalk behind the police, but that cyclist was uninvolved in the altercation. It appears to me that the police are standing in the roadway and kicked a cyclist who was riding in the roadway. The curb is behind the police.

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