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Note the row of cop cars at the front...

and, were you surprised?

no surprise at all! next it will be members of the City Council.

What is the DCDOT, MPD or traffic doing about it?

The Bar-B-Q Battle was a royal PITA! In addition to forcing pedstrians headed toward the mall on, say, 12th St on Sunday to walk 5 blocks to essentially cross the street, they did this, too. I'm not surprised, though.

God forbid any of those trucks block any of those automobile traffic lanes on Pennsylvania Avenue. I mean, look at that overwhelming traffic flow. Wouldn't want to cause a traffic jam... [rolls eyes][/sarcasm]

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I am waiting for the TV news to do a story about how the cyclists are not riding in the cycling lane.

Man.......... I need to get a trials bike for those situations ;)

Did trucks stop in the median before?

Or do drivers everywhere understand bike symbols as parking areas?

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