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In the Roman legions, a watchman who fell asleep was executed the next day. I'm not advocating such measures, but I hope that Cathy Lanier throws the book at this officer.

He was probably just confused. You mean bike theft is a crime?!?!

I certainly hope the MPD is insisting to the Mayor that his bike wasn't really stolen, he must have just misplaced it.

The really story will be if they recover his bikes. Most people I know have had a bike stolen in DC, and I don't know of anyone who had the police test anything for evidence. If they bother to show up, they give you a number and go on their way. Has anyone ever had a bike recovered by MPD? If 100% of all the bikes recovered in DC over the last three years happened to belong to the Mayor, that will be a story.

Maybe this is an opportunity for the police dept. to take these kinds of thefts more seriously...

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