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Looking at the plot again, what's interesting is that the eight busiest days are weekdays.

I'd like to learn more about their count methodology. I'm curious how they established that using volunteers to count traffic for two hours on a weekday and two hours on a weekend day was enough for an accurate count, even with the use of automatic counters to fill in the daily and seasonal variations.

I supervised the 2006 trail traffic survey on the CCT, online at www.cctrail.org/CCCTsurvey.htm, and we used volunteers for a minimum of 20 hours at each of five locations. We had no automatic sensors since we could find none at that time that would do a reasonable job. I think the automatic sensors are almost a necessity for a good count, since the variation for time periods in the day, and day to day, was very high.

Wayne, it probably has more to do with manpower availability than good science. They have enough trouble doing the two hour counts.

Spike on May 21 is Bike to Work day. Cool.

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