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Let me be the first to congratulate you on your becoming a parent! :)

And let me be the second! I will hopefully compose a few entries whenever the idea strikes me. Good luck!

I'm not going to have anyone to hang out with soon!

Congratulations and thanks for the leadership and inspiration you provide here.

Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. DC!

Congratulations! Best wishes for a healthy and happy baby boy or girl.

If I can think of any blog ideas/topics, I'll write them up and send them to you by email. Can't promise when inspiration will (or won't) strike though.

I'm bummed that you won't have as much time to dedicate to this blog, as it's super-informative and one of my favorite reads!

I shudder to think of what Mrs. Washcycle's birth name was to get her to change it to "Washcycle"!

In all seriousness, my helmet is off to the two of you and wish you all the best with the baby.

Congrats. I am guessing you will be doing a lot of updating at the wee hours of the morning.


And I'd like to take this opportunity to say many many thanks for putting this amazing blog together. I read it every single day. Fantastic stuff.

May your adventure into the realm of parenthood be easy and joy filled. And, pardon the cliche, but make sure to savor the moments, because time will absolutely fly by.

Thanks for this blog. It is both entertaining as well as informative/educational. I continually find myself amazed at how frequently you post, so it will be interesting to see what "cutting back" means to you.

And if eventually you need any opinions on family cycling, well, that's my area.

Now go sleep while you can.

Congrats and good luck to you!

Congratulations! I'm willing to help post stuff, but there is one little problem: I get all my DC bike news from you.

Her maiden name was Ms. Unsuck DC Metro.

Make sure you have a trail-a-bike ready in time for the next WAGBRAD. Kids need to learn they can't be freeloaders.

@MB: That'd be an impressive 1 year old who can reach the pedals!

I'll probably get a front seat when my child gets big enough, but apparently cool kids ride on cargo bikes.

Congrats to you all!

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