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Nice picture. I must point out that in that one block I can see 2 cyclists and NO motorists traveling (though one automobile appears stopped at the light on the right).

I rode the Ave home yesterday evening around 7PM. Only observed light automobile traffic, no pedestrians waiting in the median.

Just about any of the N - S streets had significantly more cars. Yet they aren't 8 lanes wide. And even they were flowing fine.

AAA - where is this snarling congestion????

This picture doesn't quite illustrate my biggest gripe about the revised lane layout:

At each intersection there's at least one traffic control light and two guard poles that are painted dark gray.

In the glare of headlights, when watching for vehicles turning across the bike lanes, it's easy to overlook those encroaching features.

I'm worried that it won't be long after the clocks change in the fall before someone clips one and takes a tumble into the intersection, then gets run over. Instead of "gosh, that bike came out of nowhere" it'll be "gee, when the bike disappeared I figured it was gone so I made my turn".

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