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It's also unfortunate that he repeatedly finds his way back behind the wheel. I would gladly trade prison terms and fines for long-term (lifetime?) revocations of driving privileges, and harsh penalties for subsequently driving. The car-free lifestyle is suitable for felons, too.

How did this guy still have a license after all that? If he did, the state has to share equal blame for this latest tragedy. But blame is cheap; life, on the other hand...

Utterly unbelievable. What does it take? Seriously, WTF?

Yes: the state, that is the social structure we have in place, of course is a contributory factor.

Why this is so hard for people to see in understandable in the USA, with the cult of the atomic, asocial "individual" at the core of its belief system.

Punishing the driver is as stupid as punishing a small child for wanting to put his finers in electrical outlets: you can yell and constantly monitor, or you can plug the outlets and solve the problem.

Ask Police Chief Manger, and he'll utter some platitude about it being lack of "personal responsibility' that SINGULARLY explains abberant behavior. Likewise, he;ll expain that ere si no structural racism...just as black folk are disporportionately represented in prison because they, as individuals, have made "bad choices." Nevermind that human beings as social beings first and foremost -- which also, oh the rtiony, explains why Manger cant see outside his proscribed role as a suburban based Police MAN.

Basically, the head of the House of Delegates Judiciary Committee Mr. Vallario is also a defense lawyer specializing in DUI cases....so strangely no laws punishing drunk drivers seem to make it out of his committee

Funny coincidence that!

Some of the posters at GGW seem to treat this as the fault of the cyclist for being in the road. Unbelievable.

Mike, get over yourself. when I open MY eyes in Germantown, Gaithersburg, Rockville, etc. I see higher concentrations of given races hanging out with nothin' to do. These are areas of concentration. Both of citizens and police. Perhaps the police should go shopping for certain other races of kids, making "bad choices" so it looks better to you liberals when they have even numbers in jail.

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