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I love News8. It's the Not Ready for Primetime News. They misspell things in the scroll,screw up camera angles,and run the wrong tape all the time. Quality entertainment. Plus there's some really cute women.

Does anyone watch NewsChannel 8? I thought it was just there to give D.C. residents the illusion that this was a small town, with its very own local news team.

Back in the 1960s and 1970s there was some kind of news fairness organization that people could file complaints with...

I do think it's worth contacting the organization's leaders and making the right points about their coverage. It'd be good for this to come from a group like WABA.

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog entry about the Examiner and the articles by Markham Heid, which seemed as a rule to exhibit bias in choice of words and headlines (not usually written by the reporter).

Surprisingly, after I wrote the entry, I noticed a significant reduction in unobjective language in his pieces.

So, calling attention to biased reporting (if the complaints are factual), can have impact.

they even say at one point "with each station located no more than 10 miles from each other".

what's the distance he meant to say, because 10 miles is clearly ridiculous.

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