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The wiki could be interesting. There could be a list of area trails, including out-of-the-way trails that aren't mentioned on other sites. BikeWashington is a great site but it doesn't seem like anyone is updating it anymore.

As for the tunnels, I'm not a big fan of them. I guess if they provide a way around a dangerous section of trail, then it's good. But personally, I don't like riding in them too often. Once in a while is OK, for the novelty aspect.

I doubt I would ever go in search of finding the world's longest bike tunnels. I think they remind me of too many horror movies, and I'd prefer to ride on scenic above-ground trails instead.

Is there a permanent link to the wiki on the left-hand column?

The Snoqualmie Tunnel is currently closed indefinitely. There's a danger of rocks falling from the ceiling. Washington state currently doesn't have the money to repair it.

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