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"the region is planning a TIGER grant for up to another 1000 stations"

Is that a 1000 additional stations or 1000 additional bikes/docking points?

Bikes, not stations. Sorry.

In Arlington,they've been converting the old meter poles into bike racks by adding a piece on top. DC should do that as well.

I've been over this with Jim Sebastian and I've come around to his way of thinking. Converting the old poles is not much cheaper than putting in inverted U's and it means they're placed somewhat at random. Not every parking meter is where you'd want a bike space - and it defeats part of the purpose which is to unclutter the sidewalk for pedestrians. So you'd need Mike Goodno to go out there and decide which ones to convert and which ones to remove. Which means you're now spending manpower.

Furthermore, the contract for removal was already signed before Jim got involved and it was too late to change. Future contracts will include bike rack installation with parking meter removal.

So Jim would rather spend a little bit more money and the same amount of time installing inverted U's where we need them instead of converting parking meters close to where we need them.

I agree.

Washcycle: bike racks are not always visible, unlike parking meters. Is there also some plan as to the placement so that a person new to an area would know where to look? Signs? colors?

If a bike rack is not visible, there's suppose to be a sign directing users to it. I think it's in the zoning laws.

Thanks, I didn't know that. Of course, these are the same zoning laws that mandate racks a certain distance from the walls, and a certain number of bike racks? :)

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