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I am surprised that something built in a day required two years to plan. I used the southbound (SB) lane this morning and found it intuitive to use, with only the following minor reservations:

1. To enter the SB lane from the north at W Street requires cutting across traffic. This is something both bikers and drivers are probably used to by now on this stretch of road, but I still wish there were a better way.

2. The lights are mistimed in the SB direction such that after the green at W, one hits a red (bicycle-specific) light at U, and after waiting for that to turn green, a red light at 17th. This makes it much faster to cross U as a pedestrian, which may discourage use of the new light.

3. There was already a car double-parked halfway in the NB lane!

I'm THIS close to quitting my day job to become a full-time advocate for bike lanes that are up against the curb, like the 15th Street contraflow. Lanes designed any other way (with some exceptions) drive me nuts.

Regarding TFAK's comment, in this case, I agree...

As to "Requires two years to plan" - a lot of the elements in this design are not yet approved by FHWA so they would have had to apply for and receive allowance to do an experimental installation.

I really approve what Syd's said.

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