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Nice article Wash.

BTW - I caught the Simpson's reference with your robots comment.

I like and breathe seasons 3-8 man! Best comedy writing in the history of television....or comedy itself really.

A full-width curbside lane...not unlike on 15th...would give one the room to avoid the driver-side doors. I pointed that out in my blog post.

So exactly how *does* a car navigate into that parking space - the one where the silver Audi is sitting in the last photo in the post?
Cause the way I see it, - http://goo.gl/maps/SgaA - the only option is to drive through the stretch of bike lane where the cyclist is just about to ride or to do some crazy back in maneuver after passing the pilons.
Just looks like it could be pretty dicey with someone trying to park right there

err I guess that could be a VW. Either way, the silver car.

Froggie, I guess I'm confused about what a "Full-width" curbside lane is. How wide is that? Because when I think full-width bike lane, I think 5 feet. If you're talking about a full width lane (10-12 feet) where do you get the other 5-7 feet from?

Bilsko, I think that VW is illegally parked. Someone mentioned that the street lost 3 parking spaces. This may be one of them.

Bilsko, the lane markings indicate that isnt a legal parking spot.

I was a little disappointed to see that poor signage/road marking (and a bit of obliviousness, perhaps) led some cyclists to stop directly across the cross walk at 16th and U:


When I say "full width", I'm thinking something similar to the contraflow lane on 15th, where it's wide enough for the city to conduct plowing operations in the winter even with the presence of bollards.

And after taking a quick ride up NH Ave yesterday, there's adequate room to implement a wider curbside bike lane.

Ah, I understand now. Perhaps that would be better if there's room for it.

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