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Problem with the story...this is ONLY Alexandria in the sense that's the mailing address. This is very much Fairfax County.

Agree there's a few things VDOT can do in this area. A traffic signal is a possibility...but only at Clermont Ave (about 1/3 mile west of where the fatality occurred). At the crosswalks mentioned, a possibility is LED-lit warning signs similar to what Alexandria has put on Braddock Rd at the Braddock Rd Metro station.

Franconia is the classic case of an area designed for cars, not people. Now, due to this tragedy, even fewer kids will be walking or biking.

Obviously I don't know squat about that area, and I focused more on MD when I was working in Balt. County,

BUT, there is no question in my mind that MD, VA, and DC need to adopt at the "state" level, balanced transpo planning requirements for local school districts, which typically focus only on bus transportation.

Washington State advises but doesn't require that each school district have a traffic safety and education committee, but also requires a safe routes to school plan/map for every elementary school in the state. Clearly there needs to be one for this area.


I wrote up a bunch of recommendations for the western baltimore county plan on necessary state level changes, but because lower jurisdictions don't have control over those processes, they got excised from the posted final draft. Having school district wide walk and bike to school planning, based on the Washington State, Minneapolis, and Boulder, CO examples, was recommended.

However, I did send them to my primary contact at the Maryland Dept. of Planning (he is a hardcore cyclist by the way) and he distributed them throughout the agency. Hopefully, there will be some long term impact.

FABB and any walking orgs in Fairfax should connect with Gina Arlotto at WABA and do an event in that area wrt walk and bike to school.

Michigan has a good walk to school audit manual:


and FHWA has an excellent pedestrian audit guide:


What is the relevant phrase?

... not crashing is 100% effective against head injuries.

We design our roads/intersections for high velocity travel instead of requiring careful observation.

I wear a helmet when riding 90% of the time, but sorry, *gloves* are more important safety equipment than a helmet.

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