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RE: the shopping center near Ft. Lincoln - since the ART connection will be on the other side of the river, it's hard to see how cyclists could use the trail to get there. Unless those plans have changed to add a west-side connection? They could connect this area to Bladenburg and the existing trail w/o continuing south through the Arboretum, although making the through connection would be the best way to get bike traffic into the development.

The older version of the ART map I have shows a connection across the NY Ave/US-50 bridge, though that is not in the one DDOT currently has. So that's what I was thinking of.

I have never seen that version of the map. Seems it would require a re-build of the bridge. . . there are some fairly wide shoulders, but with traffic speed and volume there a bike/ped route would probably need a physical barrier.

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