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The driver of the SUV pictured is likely a DC Police officer. That vehicle has FOP [police union] license plates that many officers get for their personal vehicles. He may have been trying to lecture the motorcyclist on his bad behavior, but who knows. He was more likely just pissed that the motorcyclist 'cut in line'.

Regarding the motorcyclists tactic of passing stopped cars at the light, this is called 'filtering' and is legal in California and many European countries. I split my commute about 50/50 between motorcycle and bicycle and have been doing this for years here, however I filter between the stopped cars, not in bike lanes or shoulders. I know it's illegal here, but lots of motorcyclists [including police bikers] do it.

My impression was that the SUV driver did not want to be cut in front of. There was a mini-race when the light turned greed, which of course the motorcyclist won.

I'm not bothered by the filtering - it's what cyclists do. I'm not even bothered by doing it in a bike lane as long as it's done safely, when there are no cyclists there and only to filter up to the light. I just worry about people who don't expect to see a motorcyclist there and the possibility of someone getting hurt (though I've never heard of that). So it's worry right now, based strongly on wholesale ignorance.

As a bicyclist and a motorcyclist, its my feeling that bike lanes are just that - for bikes only. Motorcycles like that Harley in the picture can weigh 600 pounds or more, and a collision between one of them and a bike would be catastrophic for the cyclist.

Unless local law says otherwise, in Maryland anyone can drive in a bike lane.

I've seen some bike lanes that are completed block off because of parked cars. That is, cars are parked in the bike lane, the entire length of the lane. And it's not because of a special event where there is overflow parking.

I've ridden the CaBi bikes a few times now. The first time, I wasn't sure if the dock registered that I had returned the bike so I took the bike out again and put it back in the dock until the light indicator flashed from yellow to green. And I pulled on the bike to make sure it was secure.

CaBi is very convenient for short trips. They just need to fine-tune the placement of the bikes. Some stations are always out of bikes.

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