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Banner 1. I know who you are. I know what you're going to talk about.

banner number one

this is great blog no matter what you call it. thank you for putting it together day after day ...

#1, but honestly, I kind of prefer the existing banner to either of the new ones.

I prefer the existing one, these are too plain

definitely a fan of #1.

The current one - by a landslide.

i clicked #1 on the survey, but prefer the current one. again, thank you for writing.

I'd keep the traditional banner but buy the two other entrants a beer if they make it to your happy hour. It was very nice that each of them went to the effort. The original banner was truly inspired.

number 1

Number one, or better yet, keep the current one and fix the typ'o. ;-)

My wife didn't like either one of the two proposed design.

The orientation of the bike in Banner 1 looks like it's crashing.
Banner 2 doesn't really tell you anything about what the blog is about. And the road bike would lead the casual observer to think it's perhaps focused on road riding/racing, and not on more utilitarian cycling, as is the general bend here.

You should include the original banner in your survey. I would vote for that if given the option.

I'm a sheep here: I voted for #1 and yet prefer the existing banner. Mind you, I'd rather #1 on shirt or sticker.

I really like what Jonathan Maus has done over at http://bikeportland.org/
His banner has changing photos of bikes in action, with the name of the site staying the same. Very pleasing to look at, and refreshing since it changes every few weeks or so. I believe this is possible to accomplish with some CSS, but I don't know how.

Yeah, that's cool. But I don't know how to do that.

I voted for #1; but agree that the current banner works just as well.

I prefer #1, but I think the navy blue color should be eradicated completely from the logo. The color mismatch between the banner and the rest of WashCycle has bugged me from day one!

I like #1, but it would look better if you could combine it with some photos. You could probably link it to a Flickr photo-stream. But even a static image or two would be nice - like the ones you have now. The image with "washcycle" on the bike route sign is cool, as is the photo of people in front of the capitol. Maybe a shot of the new PA Ave bike lanes with the capitol in the background?

Nancy, I remember that. I like the color scheme, and it's a standard design from typepad which makes me think some type of artist came up with it. Besides, changing it would take a weekend of my life to figure out how I did it, and how to change it.

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