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You got me excited when I read "bicycle-actuated traffic lights," thinking there was some new technology. But I clicked through and the original document says "bicycle/pedestrian-actuated" which I think means a regular old push-button that either pedestrians or cyclists can push. Still, this represents a quantum leap forward in thinking, to consider trail users to be traffic that needs to be accomodated rather than just a nuisance to drivers that needs to be discouraged.

The Alt. Rte. 1 crossing has the trail on a sidewalk, so it is, in fact, a regular old push-button.

The 40th St/Sheridan St. thing is a little bit odd, since it's in UP rather than Hyattsville, and there's no bridge over Wells Run on 40th. Also, when 40th turns into Sheridan, it no longer runs parallel to Adelphi, but dumps you out on Rte. 1 with visibility so bad that I'm afraid to make the turn in a car, let alone a bike.

They've re-labeled the shoulders on Queens Chapel as bike lanes, so I'm not sure what further action they're looking for there.

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