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The lamp posts in the middle of the sidewalk don't look very friendly for wheelchair users, either...

er: that's exactly what i was thinking. i can understand seeing lampposts in the middle of the sidewalk on something that was built ages ago, before we all became more aware of the need to accommodate for things like wheelchairs.

seeing that on something built in 2010 is wholly unacceptable. that should be torn up and redone.

This is all part of the elitist war on cars!

er: Excellent point.

Well at least they got the sidewalks on the bridge right... but it makes me wonder, maybe placing the lamp posts in the sidewalk was a contractor mistake? For the sake of the planners, I can only hope.

Why the giant median? Seems like te space would be better as a bike lane.

And yes, those lamp posts look illegal. Is there 4.5 feet of clearance?

JJJ: if you're referring to the giant median on New York Ave, it's for left turn lanes for westbound NY Ave to access the bridge...the old direct ramp from WB NY Ave to the bridge is being permanently removed.

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