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I concur, DC ought to use a paired climbing lane/sharrow descent configuration more often. It seems like in past years, the solution to bike infrastructure when it hit a hill was to just give up (14th st bike lanes end at U, then start again at Columbia). The pair allows for slower ascents, while managing descent road sharing appropriately.

The bike lane on 14th Street ends at U because of a hill? I didn't know that - I just assumed it was because they just didn't draw a lane down there yet. (Not that it matters to me, since most of the time I'm riding outside the lane anyhow, given all the potholes, parked cars, and door-zone issues with those lanes.)

what would be really interesting is open 17th st to Freedom bike into Rosslyn as a bike option. Bypass the Rhodes-Lynn part of Clarendon Blvd.

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