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I currently have been riding this route south bound (down the hill) or at least I was until it got too cold for me :(

Personally I don't see how adding some paint to the north bound lane would affect existing users very much.

Perhaps what the ANC commissioners are afraid of is that by so marking the road it would draw *more* cyclists to using it.

AU is at the top of the hill and has a CaBi station. I've chatted several times with people checking the bikes out and one question they all have asked me is are there bike lanes they can use to ride downtown.

It would be a shame if DDOT let a few narrow minded ANC's block the creation bike friendly transportation network.

Bike Sharing == New Cyclists == Demand for Bike Lanes

I live in ANC3D and will bring this up with my representative. I'll report back if I hear anything.

I suspect this has more to do with "fears" of parking loss and the bicycle safety argument is an emotional argument to distract from that fact...

@Joe - Parking along there really isn't much of an issue, since the spaces are metered (the parking issue is on residential streets). And there's plenty of parking if you're staying less than 2 hours.

Instead, my sense is it's tied up in concerns about AU's expansion and further congestion that that is likely to cause.

Now, why doing something that would encourage biking would worsen congestion is beyond me. AU (and Homeland Security) are presenting some significant traffic issues, but the bike lane is a separate issue.

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